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Trumbell & Johnson Families

The Trumbell line includes the names of Elder, McMurtrie, Rittenhouse, Seiwelll, Smith and  McNutt.  The Trumbell’s were from New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Germany and settled in Hancock County, Iowa.

The surnames in the Johnson line are: Farason, and Nielson. The Johnson’s came from Norway and settled in Wright County, Iowa. The Farason family came from Norway and settled in the Eagle Grove area of Iowa.

Knapper & Wiltz Families

The Knapper family includes Oudekerk, DeJonge and Dieterman surnames. The Knapper’s came from the Netherlands and settled in Kossuth County, Iowa.

Gertje (Gertrude) Wiltz was married to Simon Fred Wubben first and secondly to, Jan Knapper. Unfortunately, I have no ancestral information on the Wiltz line. Gertje Wiltz was born in Germany and migrated to Iowa about 1904 according to the 1910 Illinois census.


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