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I believe in God and family above all else. I’m a sixty plus woman who still thinks she is 29 and can do anything physically, but knows better! I’m married to a wonderful guy who supports most of my whims and hobbies and I love him dearly! We live in a small community nestled in the rolling hills of southeastern Iowa, along the Missouri border. We share our home with our five cats: Lil Bit, Kallie, Smokey, Ebby, and Dusty. I have two wonderful children,  from an earlier marriage,  that have blessed me with 3 fantastic grandchildren and one great-granddaughter! Love them all and wish we could visit more often.

I am retired and actively pursuing my interests and hobbies,  which are varied. My primary interest is genealogy and preserving family history. I became interested in family research in the mid 1970’s and have been doing it ever since.

I enjoy reading anything by Steve Hamilton, James Rollins, Catherine Coulter and Patricia Cornwell. My music tastes are too many to list. Just sitting quietly, listening to the birds and enjoying what life has to offer!

Let me know if you found something of interest, have a question or if you are related to the family.Love getting comments!

Thanks for visiting!


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